Tuesday, March 31, 2009

ECO-Friendly Buyers Save Big With Honda Insight

honda-insight-hybrid Hybrid cars continue to be the dominant force in automotive green technology. Even has automakers continue to explore plug-in electric power and hydrogen, hybrids are becoming more viable as the green alternative of the future. One way in which they are able to do this was through most cost effective manufacturing techniques and components, which has just recently made price the biggest factor in green technology.

The Insight, Honda’s latest hybrid offering, is officially the most affordable hybrid on the market. Driving a hybrid has always cost a premium compared with gas-powered alternatives according to personnel at Gardena Honda dealers, but the Insight marks the first time that price is the focal point. Clearly Honda is targeting would-be Toyota Prius buyers, and as a result Toyota is already developing a less expensive Yaris-based hybrid to possibly undercut the price of the Insight.

Despite the buzz surrounding the Honda Insight, one Cleveland used car dealer has to remind cars shoppers that the nameplate actually debuted nearly a decade ago. The first generation was only a two-seater, and had an odd shape - both factors hindered sales. The latest Insight now offers room for five, and while its styling won’t appeal to everyone, it’s certainly more mainstream than its predecessor.

The Honda Insight doesn’t seem to have that phony exclusiveness that surrounds the Prius. Simply put, the Insight is all about frugality, which is what many consumers are interested in these days according to San Francisco Honda dealers. The Insight even features an ECON mode which adjusts throttle response and regulates air conditioning to provide a maximum efficiency, even if you can’t help but drive with a lead right foot!

In addition to the build-in tech that helps you drive more efficiently, the Honda also has a unique display that is designed to make drivers more aware of their driving habits. The display has leaves that light up if you’re driving economically, which has interested test drivers at Honda Akron

Not only does the new Honda Insight deliver 40 miles per gallon in city driving, but it also actively helps drivers maintain the highest efficiency possibly. But perhaps best of all, the Insight is priced at $19,800, which will certainly give the Prius a run for its money.

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