Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Toyota Curbs Harmful Emissions At Plants

toyota_green_technology Toyota has long been a leader in producing green technology and promoting eco-friendly innovations. Case in point is Toyota’s Prius hybrid, which has remained the sales leader in the increasingly lucrative hybrid market. In the automaker’s latest eco-conscious endeavor, Toyota is working with Bio-Reaction Industries to help reduce harmful volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions in the paint that is applied to their vehicles.

Recently, to meet production demand, Toyota added another painting booth in their aluminum wheel manufacturing facility in Delta, British Columbia. While it’s a necessary move, Toyota realized that it would increase harmful VOC emissions. As an environmentally conscious company, Long Beach Toyota dealers are not surprised that Toyota has looked for a solution to curb these emissions, and luckily they found Bio-Reaction and their patented Air Pollution Control System.

Toyota’s plant had typically kept VOC emissions in check thanks to regenerative thermal oxidizers. However, with the help of Bio-Reaction and their technology, Toyota can now break down the VOCs, helping to reduce the energy needed in treating VOC emissions. The process also culminates in a reduced level of CO2. While updates to a wheel manufacturing may seem small, Kingston Toyota dealers say the move is substantial, as Toyota is constantly looking for green innovations, whether its in their product lineup or in manufacturing operations. 

Reducing Toyota’s carbon footprint, while also reducing operating cost, is an important objective for Toyota across all of its manufacturing operations according to one Tustin Toyota dealer. As a leader in the production and development of green automotive technology, it made perfect sense to partner with Bio-Reaction, which is a leader in producing air pollution control systems.

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