Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Toyota Prius Tops Cost Efficiency List

CNN Money recently profiled a number of the best fuel saving vehicles in a number of different segments and classes. Goal of the article was to figure out which vehicle was really the most cost effective not only when considering fuel consumption, but also when considering total value and other costs.

The cars in the article delivered ten percent better fuel economy or more than the average within its class. In addition, the ownership costs, features, quality, comfort and performance were also considered based on the overall value and sticker price.

In other words, the most fuel efficient model, deemed by CNN Money, wasn’t necessarily the most cost effective. But as the price of gas increases, it continues to weighing heavily on the cost of ownership.

The Toyota Prius was one such vehicle that made it onto the list. Based only on fuel efficiency, the Toyota Prius would be the winner. When many people think of hybrids, the Prius is among the first vehicles that come to mind and truly gives the Civic Hybrid a runs for its money according to Honda dealer Washington DC shoppers. Plus, the Prius also features renowned Toyota reliability, adding to the vehicle’s overall appeal.

As the price of gas rises, the waiting list for the Toyota Prius at Toyota Dealer Minneapolis continues to grow as well. In addition, as a used car the Prius sells even quicker as it appeals to the even the most frugal buyers. Toyota Prius drivers will also find that the Prius possesses excellent fuel economy and interior space as well, perhaps just as much as a midsize sedan.


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