Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ford Escape Hybrid - The Green Choice Among SUVs

With so many consumers looking for fuel efficient vehicles, the Ford Escape Hybrid is one of the most in-demand models on the market. Although the company currently has numerous struggles, the Ford Escape Hybrid is a strong seller, and is appealing to those drivers who don’t want to sacrifice the benefits of an SUV to get a green car.

The current Ford Escape Hybrid is one of the best selling models that Ford has to offer says Aurora CO Ford dealers, which gets a steady stream of interested drivers wanting to check out the Escape.

Ford offered the first hybrid SUV when it introduced the Escape Hybrid. The fully hybrid system makes for maximum performance and mileage thanks to the combination of its electric and gasoline systems. The technology also uses the braking system to recharge the electric batteries. As one of the biggest draws to the Escape Hybrid at Nashville Ford drivers can expect to achieve 31 miles per gallon on the highway, with an excellent 36 miles per gallon in city driving.

Inside the Ford Escape Hybrid, drivers will find an attractive navigation system that also doubles as a battery charge monitoring system. The navigation displays energy usage and every distribution. The system also doubles as the controller for the audio system, which features an available 7 speakers and a 6 CD changer.

Ford Escape Hybrid drivers will also benefit from tax incentives from the US government. And of course, drivers will also save on gas while helping reduce emissions. For drivers that needs the cargo capacity of flexibility of a sport utility vehicle, but also want to green car, the Ford Escape Hybrid is an attractive choice.


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